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Wed, 5 Oct 2022: Introduction to da.link career services

da.link career skills


Wegweiser BildDeveloping a career is a long, sometimes stress- and even painful, but hopefully in the end very rewarding process. The Vienna School of International Studies' career services team supports students and graduates in their endeavours to start a successful career.

To this end, the DA offers a broad range of opportunities for students and alumni to actively prepare themselves for their chosen international careers. da.link, the DA’s career services programme, is tailored to our students' and alumni's individual needs and career choices.

It takes many steps to develop one's career. The DA supports its students during their entire studies and beyond in their search for their “dream job”. The da.link career services team helps students to:

  1. analyse their ideas and interests in order to facilitate their search for a suitable job in a goal-oriented way;
  2. put together unique and convincing application papers and carry out the necessary analysis of their own skills and competences as well as building upon existing experience;
  3. develop a personal strategy for acquiring new experience and improving their individual skills (e.g. by attending da.link career skills seminars and workshops or taking up internships);
  4. research job descriptions and possible employers as well as successful alumni careers by using our Alumni Association ClubDA's alumni network and attending regularly offered da.link career talks with successful alumni and HR professionals;
  5. implement the strategies and apply for internships and jobs;
  6. analyse the results.

Please find more specific information on the following pages. DA students and members of our Alumni Association ClubDA are welcome to use their respective login credentials to access our da.link career portal.